Incubated Startups

Raptee Energy

There is no electric two-wheeler in the market to compete with petrol powered motorcycles in terms of Performance vs Price quotient. Our value proposition is to provide an affordable, always connected motorcycle designed and built ground up that performs on par with its gas-powered counterpart made for the Indian demographic.The motorcycle is built on a US patent pending Chassis and battery assembly process. With more than 90% localization of parts, the vehicle is designed manufactured in India.


By 2025, with over 600million young households in the average age of 29, India will become the 3rd largest consumer market. With the shift towards digitization, there will be a complete change in the way people make their purchase. This is where the self-service kiosks will come in play which will be the future of retail industries that is affected by increased consumer expectation, high investment cost, labor intensive and increased real estate cost. We at iGoTS aim to build the futuristic self-service kiosks for F&G industries to satisfy customer's expectations, reduce labor and real estate cost and thereby increase revenue


Smart Personal Assistants are becoming a part of our Homes at a much faster pace. And With the advent of them, at stake becomes our privacy. This is exactly Why we are reinventing a whole new architecture for Smart Homes with a Stout Security, which we’ve achieved by creating a Smart Home system that works in complete isolation from the internet. At TriZ, We design and develop tailor-made smart Home devices integrated with our indigenous Personal Assistant, which’s programmed with a personality pertaining to its Emotional Intelligence and that’s adept at higher degrees of automation with the aid of its super-cognitive capabilities. And the way we’re building our Smart Home Systems is not just to be a part of a Home, but to be part of the Family. Because, After all, Home is where our story begins.


Existing domestic RO water purifiers reject nearly 75-80% of input water as waste and fail to function on high saline water. In Perceptron, we are building MEGHAM - Clean Blue from Green Tech, a compact domestic thermal desalination water purifier that can purify high saline underground water and seawater into clean safe, essential minerals enriched drinking water. This will be the first of its kind compact domestic thermal desalination water purifier in the market. With the self-cleaning mechanism, 8-liter storage tank, compact design, and no special arrangement requirement for operation, our product will be the best plug-and-play solution in the coastal zones.


Painting taller buildings involves usage of scaffolding and risks labors life. To avoid such critical painting method several machines have been invented which can only be operated manually. Both the method usually consumes lot of time & energy.
We offer an Automatic Painting Machine which is portable & can paint any kind of buildings. Artificial Intelligence integration makes this machine to paint a larger/smaller area in a short span of time without involving manual labor and takes the decision as programmed. Increased accuracy in painting makes the machine more comfortable to the painters/contractors to work. Various components such as mechanical, electrical, electronic etc., have been used carefully to ensure safety to the worker/User & buyer.

Pre-Incubated Startups